Saturday, January 16, 2010


first impressions are way too deceptive to be discussed.well, i think the 'vantage point' lead us to 'the bridge to terabithia'...we share a lot of weird things in common.but have a substantial amount of difference to share he totally defines the term intelligence and has the amazing capability of thinking out of the box.much unlike of the very few people i know who have a good taste in food, music and movies.i can trust him with my camera,(reminds me of ship*sigh*)and he is too good with it.he should consider starting a photo blog... seriously.but i think he is plain lazy or guy is multi-talented....i have no idea what he is doing in our so not amazing college. i mean he plays musical instruments like the guitar and the drums with such ease.....also is into sports,actively.apart from all of this....he makes me lmao (very few people have that capability actually)....if i ever die laughing,you know whom to blame.he is surely going to go a long way.much respect.ohh yeah.......i almost forgot. he be SUYASH^.

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