Wednesday, January 27, 2010

coooolest stewpeed tubelyt

"you know moonlight is bleeding from out of your soul" particular sunday night,outside of flurrys, parkstreet...we started the process of knowing each other.'movies' and then 'music'.....we found so many things in common.this otherwise very 'introvert' guy and me hit it off DURBAR a.k.a. DURBY.i discovered how well he can 'sing' in our college freshers.he is this very 'helpful' and 'kind', person.....who has an amazing 'memory'. skimming 'pebbles' on water is totally his thing.he should be called the 'chowmein mirinda boy' of our college.this boy has an amazing ability to judge 'eyes'.thanks to him,im into watching 'foreign' movies now...good ones at that. he is indeed very 'witty'...and 'cracks' some nice ones every now and then.god bless.

incase you are wondering why certain words are highlighted....its because of his fascination with "keywords".... :)


Anonymous said...

Just love the of your best..keep on progressing--Suyash

esspi said...

thankyou....i really appreciate xD