Wednesday, January 13, 2010

what was i thinking ??

the first few days in college i kept thinking...." not missing school at all....,college is so much more fun" its been a semester....and what was i thinking.. really??? well yeah...we do have a lot of "fun" but i do wonder why school ended...and what the hell am i doing here in college....being the unattractive topic of discussion every now and then....getting involved in unwanted self torturing among other things which i really dont want to talk about.the fact that ship is not here makes things even worse.
so.....the good things about college. yes. the things i look forward to everyday. the multicolored-eyed girl in the ^photograph is AISHA.not only does she have amazing pair of eyes...she has super long hair.something which i can only dream of having.*sigh*.she was one of the first people i talked to, in college.a no nonsense girl she is.complete opposite of what i am.very calm and quite actually. sincere and hardworking.....much unlike me. there is an air of mystery around her. i like that about people.i dont believe in the "my life is an open book" philosophy, quite frankly. she is an aspiring film maker.but very recently we all were acquainted with her amazing walking ways(the kind which involves a ramp on which humans are made to walk like cats...really) GO GIRL !!!! more to come.

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