Saturday, June 26, 2010

someplace else.

                                                          Theatre Road AC Market,Kolkata.

                                                                Victoria Memorial,Kolkata.


                                                                    Park Street, Kolkata

                                                                Shahid Minar,Kolkata

                                                             Sudder Street,Kolkata.


Dhruva said...

I like your sense of composition, in general; framing and white balance, in particular.

Use less ellipses and suchlike in your text. I like the background of your blog. They are optical fibres, and I work with those for a living.

Dhruva said...

And the colours are very good. What camera do you use?

esspi said...

hey thank you for your generous comments....i really appreciate :)

esspi said...

oh by the way....i use a canon 400 D

esspi said...
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Dhruva said...

You're welcome.

Ellipses in text persist. Fibre optics replaced with colourful, albeit distracting, graffiti.

esspi said...

the ellipses and me have a long connection.its just a pause :)

Ajay said...

They are awesome!!!!!

Keep Clicking!!!